On Friday, Doctors Without Borders (MSF) described the terrifying and chaotic scenes seen at Nasser Hospital in Gaza, before Israeli occupation forces raided it, forcing its medical staff to flee.

The Nasser Medical Complex has been a target for Israeli airstrikes and raids, rendering it barely operational, much like the rest of Gazan hospitals.

Christopher Lockyear, secretary-general of the medical charity, said “The situation was chaotic, catastrophic.”

He revealed that after “Israel” raided the hospital on Thursday, the entire medical staff was forced to flee and that the charity does not know what happened to them.

Doctors Without Borders has lost five of its medical members in Gaza in Israeli attacks since the beginning of the Israeli aggression on #Gaza.

The lack of medical equipment and medicine also adds to the ordeal. In “Israel’s” war against the health system, medical staffers have been forced to make extremely difficult decisions that risk certain patients’ lives over others.

“We lack painkillers such as morphine and sedatives,” said Raphael Pitti, who spent two weeks at the European Hospital in Khan Younis until February 6 with medical charity UOSSM.

“We have no other choice but to let the most seriously injured die without being able to make them comfortable because otherwise, they will take up personnel, resources, beds, medicines,” he told AFP in occupied al-Quds, adding that this strategy also leaves other patients at higher risks of death.  — Al Mayadeen English

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