The Israeli occupation authorities released 50 detainees from the Gaza Strip who were detained during  the ongoing aggression against the Strip since October 7, 2023.

The detainee, Faraj Al-Samuni, said at the moment of his release that detainees in the occupation prisons, especially those from Gaza, suffer from tragic and unbearable conditions and circumstances.

He pointed out that the occupation forces had detained him on November 16 from his home in al-Qarara area, east of Khan Yunis, in the south of the Gaza Strip. He was transferred to the Sde Teman detention center, and was placed in a tent containing 30 detainees.

He pointed out that detainees are subjected to various types of torture, abuse, and assaults.

Lawyer Khaled Mahajneh, who was able to visit one of the detainees about two weeks ago in Sde Teman prison, said that the detention administration keeps the detainees shackled 24 hours a day, blindfolded, and there are those whose limbs were amputated, and bullets were removed from their limbs without anesthesia.

The occupation still refuses, to this day, to disclose the number of detainees from Gaza, and carries out the crime of enforced disappearance against them.

The Israeli occupation forces have detained more than 9,450 civilians from the West Bank, including occupied Jerusalem, since October 7, 2023, along with thousands of citizens from Gaza, and hundreds of Palestinians from the territory occupied in 1948.

Simultaneously, in an unprecedented manner, the acts of torture practiced against detainees escalated, according to dozens of testimonies followed up by the relevant institutions, in addition to unprecedented crimes carried out against them, most notably torture, starvation, medical neglect, and forced disappearance. —-WAFA

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